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  • How can we use nitroshot to have better results?
    The most effective way for greater results in a smaller amount of time is taking a dose from NITROSHOT of 30 ml (2 tablespoons) before training to optimize the anabolic function of the human being (preparation of the body for training). At the end of the first 30 minutes take another dose of 30 ml (2tablespoons) for the window of absorption (this is the best moment of absorption through the intestinal enzymes to recover from training). Moreover, in the case of advanced athletes, who by obligation have to train for a longer period of time, it is advised an additional 30 ml serving after spending the first 45 minutes within training, to eliminate the catabolism (breaking of cells by fatigue).
  • Do I have to consume NITROSHOT only in the GYM, or can I also take without training?"
    We must consider a very important factor. This product (NITROSHOT) is composed of all essential amino acids that by all means come from proteins, in which it has its calorie content. If it is a person with work of little movement they will be benefiting from the essential amino acids, but at the same time they would be an intake of extra calories, this depends on the daily activity and the dietetic education (Form to ingest foods with nutritional quality) of this person.
  • How many times a day it is recommended to drink NITROSHOT?
    It depends on the person’s dietetic or athletic purpose.* in its cosmetic use, it helps to generate elastin and healthy glowing of the skin and induces hair and nail growth. NITROSHOT being a dietetic supplement with all its benefits and the recommended dose of 30ml (2 tablespoons) before going to sleep will stimulate growth hormone release. *1gram of protein=4calories
  • Can NITROSHOT diminish or increase my appetite?
    In 100% of our athletes, when NITROSHOT is used in long training sessions a remarkable reduction of the appetite is noticeable; this has a scientific explanation: It directly involves the stomach diaphragm involuntarily reacting by the control of the sympathetic nervous system, due to the quantity of essential amino acids which are predigested for the consumption of our athletes * NITROSHOT is a liquid prepared by hydrolyzing the animal protein (collagen). Therefore the viscosity of the NITROSHOT’s composition directly triggers the reduction of the Stomach’s Diaphragm valve.
  • Is NITROSHOT useful for dieting?
    NITROSHOT is fundamental in a low calorie diet. It is a supplement that can substitute alternate meals in case we miss any of our 6 daily food intakes.
  • Can I stop taking vitamins if I start drinking NITROSHOT?
    The human being, for constancy on its locomotion includes: Vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins. NITROSHOT is a high quality hydrolyzed collagen product bringing us the union of all the important essential amino acids in the development and longevity of the human body, this supplement advances in our blood torrent as nitrogen, making it easy to arrive and be absorbed at the muscular zones of highest consumption, creating a rapid physical adaptation to any type of effort, accelerating our athletic development creating mass and potency. This scenario is chained to the aid of various supplementary groups of vitamins generally including group (B) complex and essential minerals for example: potassium, calcium, magnesium and other important groups. The key to success is on the balance.
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